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Jim Setzer on the flash photography

Jim Setzer has posted another great instructional video on flash photography this time for beginners.  This is some great information and even vets may learn something from this one.  Jim Setzer is the owner of Images by Design in the Hampton Roads VA area.


Jim Setzer With Images by Design

I want to introduce to you today a great photographer, Jim Setzer.  Jim’s business is named Images by Design and you can find him on the web and also on Facebook. While Images by Design just grew into a brick and mortar location, Jim has years of experience and he loves to share his knowledge with others. He teaches classes on a regular basis and reviews hardware online at YouTube regularly.

This is one of his YouTube videos that was recently done reviewing a new Godox AD600 Pro


Time Warp

I was converting my slides from the 70’s and 80’s and started to remember my trip through the United States in 1981. We traveled through 27 states and traveled 10,000 miles in 1.5 months in a motor home. I also look at the beauty I captured during this adventure, wishing I was older at the time and truly adsorbed everything in and not just passively enjoying the view.  I have also been riding around locally on my new quest of landscape and dilapidated structures, and I am finding beautiful rolling farm land and other treats that I do not notice, because I have not looked.  We assume beauty is not in your back yard and you must travel somewhere to see it.  While some areas are not the most breathtaking view like the Grand Canyon or the Oregon shoreline, but we still have it.  I have decided to start taking my camera with me and start looking around me when I am out and about.

The image in this post is of a moose that was in Yellowstone park.  I in my young wisdom, got out my Canon AE-1 with a 50 mm lens Ektachrome slide film 100 ISO. Then I proceeded to walk to the edge of the water line, to get a better shot.  The moose originally was on the far side of the water and he started working his way toward me and I stayed around, not thinking well now this critter could take me out of this world in a blink of an eye but let me get that shot.  To this day I can clearly see the whites of that Moose looking right at me that was captured. Do not forget to look back at your work from the past.  You may be surprised at what you have actually forgotten

I hope you enjoy


The Path to Success

In today’s world It is sometimes difficult to determine the proper path for our education, business partners and personal enrichment.  We must carefully select who we interact with or study under, to build a solid network of professionals, that will bring your quality and value up to a standard that exceeds your expectations, while delivering the best product possible to your clients.

We cannot operate as one but as a team in today’s market.  There is the second shooter, photographer’s assistant, hair stylist, makeup artist, set designers and the list goes on that is needed to produce products that exceed not only your expectations but your clients.  We can always learn and improve our understanding of our profession and this should be one of our key thoughts that we strive toward daily.

I have been involved in photography for around 40 years but not as a professional. My business was started 1.5 years ago, and I have already had hard lessons on who to choose as a partner in a project, that destroyed a potential source of endless work that could have taken my business to the next level. Selecting a second shooter or makeup artist that does not show up on time or really has no skills, that are promised or needed for your project, will destroy your reputation very quickly and as we all know bad news is spread faster than good news.

This is one of the reasons that I have had the concept of creating a group that stands alone and not driven by social media, reducing the chance of false professionals leaking into our team.  The Social Network for Artistic Professionals or S.N.A.P., is the results of the concept that I envisioned.  I have contacted a small group of professionals that will be providing priceless information and products in their field. This will give all members the ability to form a business team of contractors working together to strengthen ourselves. Our specialist experts will grow but without compromise to our goal, which remains a small group of professionals helping each other.

Selling a portrait package for what your skills are truly worth and not a quick shoot that provides lower quality images and lower income for your business is imperative to be a successful business. We will have projects or challenges for the members that we will share and critique each other’s work to bring to the front our potential mistakes or lack of understanding of a specific subject.  Some will be a challenge like grayscale (Black & White) photography, where we will submit a grayscale photo of a chosen subject, so that we can see the variations of each other’s work and help each other to move to the next level of expertise.

One of the first professionals and board members is Erica Robertson Wages.  She has been in the industry for many years and has worked with many avenues of artists with a wealth of knowledge to share.  She will be providing some of the classes that will improve all of us in building a business and working from both sides of the camera.

I am very excited to start learning and sharing my knowledge so that everyone in our community grows professionally and provides our clients with a higher standard of products they deserve.